Our Fleet

Since 1975, Aurand's Towing began as a family-owned business, helping motorists throughout the area with tows, recoveries, and road-side assistance. Over the decades, Aurand's Towing has expanded and improved 'our fleet' drastically enabling better service and coverage to you, the motorist.


2019 Kenworth T880 - CSR65

Our brand new addition 2019 Kenworth T880 is a 65 ton rotating slider which was deliver November 6, 2018 and has served many calls since its establishment.

Produced by NRC Industries


Peterbilt Rotator & Slider

Aurand's Towing equipped with a 379 Peterbilt 40 ton rotator and Peterbilt 27 ton slider is a reason why we call Aurand's Towing - You're One Stop Shop!


Aurand's Rollbacks

At Aurand's Towing, we have 7 operational rollbacks in service ready with trusted and professional staff.

The rollbacks that we operate from are placed throughout our three locations to best serve the traveling motorists that may need help!